We are

For Dóttir

Launched in 2022, For Dottir handcrafts premium leather goods inspired by the eco-conscious spirit of the Scandinavian fishing industry. Offering everything from handbags and small leather goods to belts and bracelets, For Dottir pays homage to the Nordic custom of creating garments and furniture from aquatic leather. For Dottir is committed to bringing its designs to life through responsible practices without animal cruelty. Embodying the brand’s Nordic DNA, the name For Dottir comes from an Icelandic tradition, where a woman’s last name is one word combining her father’s first name and “dottir,” which translates to daughter. Not every woman is someone’s wife, not every woman is someone’s mother—but every woman is someone’s “dottir.” For Dottir is for all daughters...

Our Mission

To turn the wastage from food industry into desirable leather goods.

Our Vision

To become the destination for eco-conscious consumers who have the eye for original designs.

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